Maklena interviews

The team behind Maklena talks about the company and the production.

Maria Montague, (founding member of Night Train Theatre Company and director of Maklena) presents the 2018 production.


Léa des Garets (founding member of Night Train Theatre Company who will play Zbrozhek's wife in Maklena) introduces Night Train and talks about Maklena's relevance today


Lana Biba, the movement director for Maklena talks about her role in this project.




Adam Mirsky (who will play Padur in Maklena) talks about the play and why it has an important story to tell today.

Audience members and supporters share their thoughts about Night Train's project.


Ursula Woolley, Trustee of the Ukrainian Institute London shares her impressions of Maklena and why this 1933 Ukrainian play resonates with audiences today in the UK.


Andy Hunder, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine talks about Maklena and the cultural significance of the first English translation of Mykola Kulish’s play.


Jaroslava Barbieri speaks about why Maklena is a cultural treasure of Ukraine that is worth rediscovering and sharing with audiences outside Ukraine.


Dr Rory Finnin, Head of Slavonic Studies and Director of the Ukrainian Studies Programme at the University of Cambridge talks about why he is a proud supporter and partner of Maklena.